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Chinese Wedding Betrothal Gift Boxes

As part of the Chinese Wedding Traditional Custom, the Chinese Betrothal Ceremony, also known as Guo Da Li (过大礼), is a symbolic ceremony that marks the beginning of the engagement period and the couple’s journey towards marriage. The exchange of betrothal gifts is seen as a symbol of the groom’s gratitude, sincerity and commitment towards the bride and her family. The gifts would usually come with symbolic meaning and well wishes.

Chinese Wedding Pastry known as Double Happiness Biscuit (Xi Bing 喜饼 in Chinese or Kah Lui Peng in Cantonese) in particular is one of the main auspicious gifts that is presented to bride’s family which will be distributed among friends and relatives. The biscuits embody well wishes for the couple's happiness, good fortune, unity, harmony, fertility, prosperity, and longevity in their marital journey. By offering these biscuits, the couple seeks to share their happiness and bestow blessings upon their loved ones, wishing them good luck and a prosperous life.