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The Premium - Wedding Gift Set (GUO DA LI)  鳳凰于飛
The Premium - Wedding Gift Set (GUO DA LI)  鳳凰于飛
The Premium - Wedding Gift Set (GUO DA LI)  鳳凰于飛
The Premium - Wedding Gift Set (GUO DA LI)  鳳凰于飛

The Ding's

The Premium - Wedding Gift Set (GUO DA LI) 鳳凰于飛

RM95.00 MYR

Double Happiness Biscuit (Xi Bing 喜饼 in Chinese or Kah Lui Peng in Cantonese) is an essential gift for the Chinese Betrothal Ceremony known as Guo Da Li (过大礼). The Chinese Wedding Traditional Custom is a symbolic ceremony that marks the beginning of the engagement period and the couple’s journey towards marriage. 

The Premium Chinese Wedding Betrothal Gift Set covers most of the symbolic blessings all in one. 

The Red Bean Cookies symbolize a marriage of love that is beautiful, heart warming, patient, sweet, enjoyable and flavorful inside out.

The Ding's Signature Mee Sua represent the couple's longevity.

A Handmade Ceramic Plate ByChotto shaped in pearl clam shell holds and shapes a marriage into a precious treasure. It's the journey of piling layers of thick and thin together as a team to form a valuable pearl that is round, big and shiny. 

All held in a bamboo basket covered in a red cloth symbolizing wishes of good fortune comes true in abundance.

What's inside:

4x Butter Cookies

2x Mee Sua Vermicelli

1x Bamboo Basket 10"

1x Red Table Cloth

1x Handmade Ceramic Plate

*Comes with Gift Box & Personalized Card

A minimum order of 20 sets is required. Orders need to be placed a minimum of 2 months before collection date in order for us to have enough time to curate, design and prepare your gift box content and Customised Thank You card!

Delivery charges will be calculated upon checkout.

*pre-order 2 months in advance

*Whatsapp us at +60 16-260 0038 before placing order.